A New Chapter

Hello, everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has liked, commented, and followed my blog over the past year.  You guys are the ones who started to give me confidence about publishing my work online, and I really appreciate it.  Y’all are awesome!

Now for the announcement: I’m moving away from this blog.  It was a great start for me, really.  Several months ago, however, I found Medium.  I found another great community of writers over there, and Medium allows me to display my work to many more people.  It really is fantastic, and as I used it more I decided that I needed to pivot away from Matt’s Musings.

I still like you guys!  In fact, I would still love for you to read my writing.  There are two ways that you can follow me.  First, if you are a member of Medium, you can follow me here.  Also, you can Like my Facebook page, where I post all my work.

You guys have been so great!  I love you all, and I hope you’ll follow me and continue to support my work.




Can you wish on the wings of a butterfly?
Can you sing as the breeze on the sea?
Can you speak with the voice of a lullaby?
For that’s how my Grandma loves me.

If all the sweethearts and the mothers
Were bundled up into a seed,
That seed would bloom as her flower –
That’s how my Grandma loves me.

Her joy is to see others happy;
I think that the best kind of love.
In her I see the Beauty
Of Him that came from Above.

I love my Grandmama dearly,
I wish we never would part,
And though one day she must leave us,
She’ll always live on in my heart.

One day when I have some children,
I’ll sit them up on my knee,
And tell them all the old stories
Of how my Grandma loved me.

An Invitation

An Invitation

Look at me not as a wacko,
An oddball, a weirdo, a dope,
For you cannot see
What lies inside me
Until you become my friend.

Try to look beyond my clothing,
My hairstyle, my posture, my looks;
You might just find
When you look down inside
Someone you may call a friend.

When you see me stand in the corner,
Simply do not pass me by,
But ask me my name
And I’ll do the same
And then you may be my friend.

For I have a soul such as you have!
And we all are looking for love,
So come walk by my side
With your heart open wide
And please, just be my friend.



My grandfather is someone
I’d love for you to meet,
His life has stood like iron,
His kindness so concrete;
I always love to visit
And he’s glad to see me too,
It brings a gladness to my heart
That I wish to show to you.

A Carolina cotton field
Was the place he called his home,
Until his country called him,
Foreign lands he had to roam;
There he served her proudly,
A soldier in Liberty’s pay,
Protecting everyone back home,
In that land so far away.

And then upon returning,
He found the love of his life,
And quickly ascertaining,
He took her for his wife;
They had a son and a daughter,
The daughter married a man,
And after several years had passed,
I was brought into the clan!

He’s as good a friend as
I think I’ve ever had,
I know that I can count on him –
That always makes me glad;
And when I’m old as he is,
I hope that I can be
As good of a grandfather
As he always is to me.

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

I sit on the pier and stare down at the sea,
The moon’s pale reflection has enchanted me.
With my line in the water and the stars shining bright,
I feel king of the world, for I’m fishing at night!

When the fish aren’t biting, I sit here and ponder
The memories I’ve made, and oh what a wonder!
My greatest joy lies in these simple pleasures,
For the memories I own are my greatest treasures.



Here lies a friend of the friendless,
Here lies a lover of dreams,
Here lies a man who was faithful
To God, and all that He brings.

Here lies a man who was careworn,
Here lies a heart that was sad,
Here lies a poet whose pleasure
Was in making another’s heart glad.

(Just to clarify – this is not my epitaph.)

Thank You

Thank You

Sometimes it is good enough
For you to call my name,

To show that I am not alone;
That you’re with me in life’s game.

For I can face the darkest night,
I can stand the strongest tide,
I can hold my own against the crowd
With a friend like you by my side.

I’m proud to have you as a friend,
And I just wanted to say,
Thank you for being so good to me
And for helping along life’s way.